One of the most amazing things about being a dancer is finding your dance family; the people you train with who make you feel like you have an artistic home.  You’re not born into this family; instead, you meet them by way of dance class.  They will inspire you, encourage you help you excel at dance and in life!  At Absolute Dance, we understand the importance of a dance family and the impact it has on you and your child.  Our staff, students and parents have allowed our dance family to thrive.  We would love for you and your child to be a part of our “home away from home” and experience the Absolute Dance culture.  Come see what our family has to offer your family!


Our dedication, integrity and long-standing commitment to every student inspires them to be the BEST they can be! We strive to provide a safe, positive atmosphere for students of all ages to build their self-esteem, self-discipline and character. Our goal is to fuel a passion for the art of dance in each and every student!

View our state of the art 10,000 square foot facility! Complete with 5 dance studios, a full gym, a kids homework area, and more!


Every student at Absolute Dance is a star and our annual production gives them the opportunity to shine! We want our audience on the edge of their seats from our thrilling opening number to the closing of the curtain. Our over-the-top backdrops, sound equipment and theatrical lighting set the perfect stage.  We feel our students efforts and dedication through out the year deserve a show they, and their parents can all be proud of! Absolute Students get the opportunity to perform at the Wagner-Noel for our year end recital!

We also have an incredible competitive team and performance team that travel around the state to perform at competitions and community events. We have so many opportunities for every dancer at Absolute Dance!


Tell me about your teaching staff.

All Absolute Dance classes are taught by passionate and skilled instructors. Our staff is committed to continuing their dance education every year by taking classes and conventions to strengthen their skills and techniques. We have a set curriculum and our staff meets regularly to share ideas to improve the quality of our classes. Our staff is COMMITTED to providing the best possible classes for your child. Many of our teachers have BA degrees in dance education, or have been trained at highly accredited dance studios, colleges and conventions.

At what age can my child begin dance lessons?

We begin our classes at age 2 with creative movement and ballet. At age 3 they will be able to perform in our year end recital. It is never too late to begin dance! We take beginners at all ages and have a class that will suit their dance level.

How is class placement determined for my child?

All children develop at different levels. This is most telling in dance or athletics. Proper class placement is much more important then ensuring they will be with their friends from school or in the most “advanced” class. We encourage students to set goals every year to grow as a dancer! Please remember that our staff is highly qualified and places students in the classes that are best suited for them technically and emotionally. If you have a question or concern about the class your child has been placed in, you may schedule a conference with your child’s teacher and the studio director so you can better understand their class placement.

Why does your facility make a difference in the quality of the instruction?

We are proud to offer our students and their families a clean, well-organized, professional facility and we believe this environment enhances a student’s experience in dance classes. Our state of the art facility is 10,000 square feet with 4 rooms, a gym, a homework area, a lots of lobby space. We also have the highest quality flooring and equipment.

May I come into the classroom during class to watch my child?

We have a closed classroom setting at Absolute Dance however we have tv monitoring in the lobby. At the end of every month parents may come in for the last 10 minutes to view the class in person. We encourage you to come in and view your child’s progress every month!

Are there performing opportunities for the dancers?

Yes! We have an annual spring recital which is held at the Wagner-Noel Performing Arts Center. From the competitive level to recreational we have multiple opportunities for your child to shine!

Why is it important that my child follow the studio dress code?

Just as it would not make sense to send a football player to practice without his shoulder pads and proper gear, a dancer can not come to class unequipped. All sports, including dance, have a uniform that allows the athlete or dancer to learn and perform their best. It is important that our students abide by the dress code so that it is easier for instructors to see body placement and make the proper corrections with body placement and alignment. It is also difficult to move freely in constrictive clothing such as jeans and street clothes. A dancer’s hair should always be secured in a ponytail or bun so they are not distracted by loose hair. Please remember, all dance shoes must be purchased at Absolute Dance so all dancers are in uniform for class and recital. You may view our full dress code here on our website.




Thank you for a wonderful first year! I cannot say enough good things! We have had experiences with other studios and I can honestly say that I have no regrets or apprehensions leaving my daughter in your care for a full evening. Your operation is professional and classy and I have no fears that my daughter will be exposed to anything too mature or inappropriate. The recital was wonderfully emotional; I laughed until I cried and then just flat out cried watching my “baby” blossom. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for ALL of your energy, patience and love. Teaching is nothing less than a God-given calling and I am so proud and grateful that you all answered! I look forward to watching my daughter grow and develop in your studio!

~L. Steward

I have now been to 3 of your recitals and I have to tell you how each year they get better and better. This year’s choreography was fabulous. The whole thing ran so smoothly!!! Just wanted to tell all of you “”GREAT JOB””. You not only make it fun for our kids but you are really teaching them to dance.

~G. Peters

After watching both recitals today, I had to let you know what an awesome job was done!! It is evident that everyone involved in instructing the dancers works extremely hard. I believe that out of the 3 recitals my daughter has been a part of; this was the very best (even though they have all been wonderful). Not only do y’all do your job in teaching the kids how to dance, but it is obvious that the instructors are passionate about dance. I love that the instructors also dance in the recitals and are not only in the background. I believe y’all teach dance, but also self-esteem. All the dancers are encouraged and are made to feel good about themselves. The kids have so much fun while they learn and are not put down or discouraged. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. I know Desiree is at the best dance studio in Midland and I am so thankful for all you guys do. I really hope she sticks with dance for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year!!!

~M. Brewer

Dance is a blessing in Lily’s life. She has gained confidence, friendships, and a love that will last a lifetime. Lily dances at school, home, and if we didn’t stop her, church. Absolute Dance provides a beautiful dance studio and excellent instructors with creativity, enjoyment, and success in mind. After dancing in front of hundreds of people, Lily knows she can do anything. Thanks Absolute Dance!

~A. Avery

As the mother of a 15 year old daughter who has danced since the age of 3, I want to say that I am thrilled for her to be associated with Absolute Dance. When our previous dance studio, La Petite Dance Company, decided to merge with Absolute Dance, I must say I was a bit skeptical because Amber had loved the staff and environment there. But, now that we are here at Absolute, I know that we made the right decision and she adores everyone here. She looks forward to her dance nights and always wants to be early. The instructors are young and full of energy and relate so well to young students as well as older teenagers. I am thankful for their dedication and love for children. Amber would like to someday work with them in the studio and I love the fact that they are a Godly group of people. Kudos to all the staff and keep up the great work – we hope to be with you through Amber’s senior year!!

~S. Merket

Thanks for 7 amazing years so far!!! We love Absolute Dance!! The staff is very friendly and I feel like it is a place where we fit in and belong! Desiree has made a huge change from the first few months of dancing in 2005. She isn’t that shy little 3 year old who just wanted to sit by the instructor. Absolute Dance has been such a fun and wonderful experience. I hope Desi will keep dancing all the way through high school!! The recitals that Absolute puts on are so entertaining; I would love to get to watch many more!! Thanks for all y’all do; I could not be more pleased!
With Great Appreciation,

~M. Brewer

This is our first year with Absolute Dance and it has been great for my daughter Emma! We are really happy with the staff and great surroundings! I also feel that my daughter is safe when I drop her off for dance class. Thank you Absolute for assisting with my daughter’s discipline and self-esteem!

~B. Trevino

I am so proud to send Trinity to learn dance at Absolute Dance. I wanted to take the time to say a few things that I have noticed over the last three years we have been with Absolute. 1) The kids absolutely have a Love for dance 2) The instructors have a passion for dance and the grace to teach 3) The families that I saw three years ago are the same families as this year 4) Finally and most importantly…the Lord has blessed you with the talent and grace to lead these children, you will be some of the one’s that my child will look up to in the future and I can’t think of any better place for her to pour her physical (strength, frustration, praise, and love) than on stage with Absolute Dance! Thank you for loving Trinity as if she were the only child there. It is apparent that every other child feels the same way that she does. She asked me today if she could stop cheerleading to learn how to dance “Funky” next year! Thanks for all of your hard work!! See ya next year! We love you all!

Sincerely and God Bless,

~L. Salcedo

Last year I had a very different little girl than I do now; she was extremely attached and would scream and cry any time I had to go somewhere without her. Her cousin was taking dance at Absolute Dance and my daughter really wanted to learn how to dance too. While I was worried about how she would react to being there without me, I went ahead and enrolled her. I’ll admit the first few times she went were a little rough, but then she became so excited every week when “dance day” would roll around. Eventually, she stopped crying when I had to leave her with her babysitter and even began to ask me when she would get to go there or to her grandparent’s house. Putting Isabella in dance was the best thing I could have done for her – Absolute Dance has helped to make her a more independent and confident little girl!

~J. Garcia

Absolute: Definition #2: Free from any restriction, limitation, or exception! That’s the Grand Scheme of Absolute dance. My daughter has learned the ability to try, experience and learn many varieties of dance. She has learned how paramount team work can be not only physically but mentally. Watching the variation of dances at recital would best describe; without limitation! Those girls show composure, confidence, grace and all seem to be able to shake it really well! Last but not least, without exception; the staff at Absolute has taught my 6 yr. old to shoot for the stars in every aspect. I would recommend this facility to any and everyone. Great job Absolute Dance! We are truly blessed to have you in Midland.

~S. Ryan


The recital was awesome! You all are fantastic. Lindsey has had a wonderful time taking dance with you. Thank you for making this year’s recital extra special for the seniors. She will miss taking dance! Thanks for all you’ve done for Lindsey and for the great, entertaining recitals!

~S. Moore

Absolute Dance has been a blessing to my daughter. Not only do the instructors love on your children, but the children have great respect for their instructors. I love how the performances are always outstanding. My most favorite thing about Absolute Dance is that every child is a winner. No one is more special than any other child. I like the fact there is no competition, just old fashioned fun. That is the most important thing to me. The instructors teach the kids just to be themselves and to have fun…

~S. Garciaroiz

My daughters have been taught at Absolute Dance since its first year, and I recommend it without reservation!! The teachers are excellent…fun, kind and encouraging, but very challenging as well. They take a personal interest in the girls, which has been great for their self esteem, and being part of such professional productions is very exciting. Dance is a huge part of their lives and has greatly contributed to their self-confidence…and I know that’s because of the fabulous people at Absolute Dance!

~L. Worden

Absolute Dance has been a wonderful, positive experience for our 3 yr old daughter. We are proud that our daughter is a part of the Absolute Dance Family. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

~R. & M. Frazier